//Retail Racking Options

Retail Racking Options


Retail Racking Options. Retail environments utilize many types of custom racking system configurations, but one thing that remains consistent is it’s love for light-duty racking systems to store products. RackingDIRECT has worked with North Americas top companies, designing, installing and maintaining their retail storage systems.

Discover a selection of light-duty racking and shelving products that will work for you as you grow and  your needs change. A safe, effective retail racking / shelving setup will help you to avoid personal injury as well as loss of money due to product damage.

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Lighty Duty Retail Racking from RackingDIRECT

About Us

RackingDIRECT’s premier racking and storage solutions have helped distribution, retail, and production facilities throughout North America optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and waste in the supply chain since 2004.

Our comprehensive services for design, construction and decommissioning, maintenance, and safety and compliance help you maximize your investment, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

RackingDirect provided great customer service and exceeded our expectations in completing our cooler on time. Would recommend them for future projects.

Brett G., TBS Group

Our Promise:
We are committed to safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. All our products are manufactured in North America, without hazardous chemicals or other materials that adversely affect health.