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Retail Shelving Solutions from RackingDIRECT

Racking DIRECT Selective Racking Systems

Retail Shelving Solutions. RackingDIRECT works with some of North Americas largest retail chains creating turn-key retail storage solutions to increase product visibility, accessibility, and ease of usage. Discover why our customers trust us to optimize their systems and to create a sustainable, flexible system that will continue to work for them as their business changes.

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Retail Shelving & Racking

Retail Shelving Solutions:

Wide-Span Shelving

This shelving is designed for the hand-loading of medium to heavy loads (boxes). It bridges the storage gap between conventional shelving and pallet rack. The range of applications can be from a single unit to a sophisticated multi-level picking system.

Metal Shelving

Appropriate for hand stacking light to medium loads.

  • Commonly used in constructing catwalks or stand-alone units.
  • Can be configured with a host of accessories, such as dividers and bins to handle a wider range of SKU’s.

Wire Mesh Decks

Wire Mesh decks increase safety and storage capabilities.

  • Enhance the performance of your overhead sprinkler system.
  • Improve inventory visibility and brightens your facility.
  • Offer flexibility to store multiple pallet sizes.
  • Easy to install, simply drop into place.

About Us:

RackingDIRECT’s premier racking and storage solutions have helped distribution, retail, and production facilities throughout North America optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and waste in the supply chain since 2004.

Our comprehensive services for design, construction and decommissioning, maintenance, and safety and compliance help you maximize your investment, while ensuring the safety of your employees.