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Choose RackingDIRECT’S customized shelving and storage solutions


Maximize your storage space, reduce costs, and improve productivity

A truly customized service will put into consideration the many factors that are what make your current space what it is, choose a team with the problem solving skills to optimize your setup. Your layout is the foundation of how you access your products and is a permanent fixture in determining your efficiency and safety. At RackingDIRECT  we’ll take the time that’s needed to talk with you and discover what all of your needs are before we design something that will compliment each aspect of your production.

A custom solution is always the best route

RackingDIRECT believes in achieving an optimal productivity plan to help you lower operating costs and increase availability in your space. Picture a situation where your product pickers require risky movements to access stock this will inevitably increase the occurrences of accidents and damages that will cost you money, our goal is to reduce those chances. Imagine once again a layout where the risk of damage to your storage system / racking system are at risk of collision and other structural damage due to a bad layout, this will certainly cost you money at some point.

More options lead to better choices

With some other companies you may be limited by their stock, and their ability access the proper products for your job, RackingDIRECT eliminates these restrictions with our pure quantity of products on hand and our connections to suppliers. Don’t limit yourself to what a company MAY have and go with a company that can delivery whatever may be needed to get the job done without sacrificing quality.


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