//Warehouse Productivity – Flow Rail Systems

Warehouse Productivity – Flow Rail Systems


Racking DIRECT Selective Racking Systems


Flow Rail Systems – Flexible, high density system.

– Maximizes pallet occupancy by +40%; allows for lanes up to 10 pallets deep; quadruples the potential number of SKUs.
– Lowers accident risk and reduces load/unload time by 75%, with upload/unload from rack face, not inside.
– Lowers risk of damaging goods and structures.

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About Us:

RackingDIRECT’s premier racking and storage solutions have helped distribution, retail, and production facilities throughout North America optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and waste in the supply chain since 2004.

Our comprehensive services for design, construction and decommissioning, maintenance, and safety and compliance help you maximize your investment, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Our Promise:

We are committed to safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. All our products are manufactured in North America, without hazardous chemicals or other materials that adversely affect health.


RackingDirect recently completed a Rack System for our warehouse to accommodate several new product lines to increase capacity and picking efficiency. They did a great job in solving our warehouse problems.

D. Hayes, Distribution Food Group

RackingDirect provided great customer service and exceeded our expectations in completing our cooler on time. Would recommend them for future projects.

Brett G., TBS Group

We were pleased with the turn key solution RackingDirect provided us with. It has helped streamline our warehouse to be more efficient.

Jon K., Retail Cosmetics Group