//Optimize Warehouse Efficiency with a Custom Designed Layout

Optimize Warehouse Efficiency with a Custom Designed Layout


Racking DIRECT Selective Racking Systems

Increase Warehouse Productivity

Productivity is King when it comes to the workplace, RackingDirect.ca will work hand in hand with you to optimize your space. Let us work out the key aspects of your individual project and use our extensive knowledge to put together a plan catered to maximize productivity, accessibility, and safety.

Improve Accessibility & Maximize Space

Save time and money with a RackingDirect.ca optimized layout. With decades of experience assessing different warehouse situations we have the solutions you need to access your products faster, and safer. When you have a more efficient layout your workers will have faster access to your stock, they will process orders faster with a reduced chance of accidental damage. Stay organized with a proper setup,  at RackingDirect.ca we will use our years of experience to your benefit by being able to predict what type of setup will work best for your individual space, and needs.

Increase Safety – Staff & Products

Accidents happen in every workplace, in warehouses these accidents can cause physical harm to workers and cause thousands of dollars in damage to products and racking setups. To minimize the chances of these accidents happening you can take several precautionary steps that will drastically improve safety. One step is having the proper rack guards setup to protect against accidental contact with forklifts and other picking machines. The second step is to have enough space for movement between systems, and in general, so there is a reduced chance of stock being mishandled due to a tight environment.

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