//High Quality Used Racking Products Available

High Quality Used Racking Products Available


Equipping Your Warehouse Shouldn’t be a Financial Drag

Our customers commonly ask what their options are when it comes to shelving, racking and other essential warehouse products, the answer is always either new or used or a combination of the two. Customers usually go with the lightly used option when their looking to stay within a predefined budget without sacrificing the safety of their staff or products. RackingDIRECT avoids any concern with our thorough inspections process that goes above and beyond any standardized testing. Used products are without defect and we always guarantee their quality and the ability of extended usage.

A Variety of Warehouse Products in Stock

Just because you wish to go with an economical solution for your needs, it doesn’t mean you should be limited in your choices. We carry a wide selection of used racking products in stock, including brand names such as Redirack, Interlake, EZRect, Mastorack, & Centennial to name a few. Customers who’ve come to trust these brand names will be happy to know that they’ll have this choice when it comes to making their decisions. The choice to go with used isn’t a compromise as far as quality goes, but is part of a bigger equation to outfit your warehouse as required by your specifications.

Warehouse Design & Optimization Process

Talk with one of our industrial storage specialists and find out what your options are before you make a decision, we believe in giving you all available options so you can make an educated choice. Our professionals can design an optimized layout based on your unique space, let us help you to be prepared for any current possible issues as well as future ones.


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