//Racking Systems for Industries

Racking Systems for Industries


Racking DIRECT Selective Racking Systems

Exceptional Storage Solutions for Your Industry

RackingDIRECT is an industrial storage specialist company that serves multiple industries offering racking and other products to it’s clients. What makes us the perfect choice for your job? For over 40 years our team has been servicing the retail, production, and distribution industries designing, installing, and maintaining racking systems and other common products. Not only are we highly qualified and right for your job, we’ve also forged relationships with suppliers that will give you access to top quality products from most major brands.

Your Racking System is your Foundation

Think of your storage/retail/production setup as the foundation of productivity, if it were not for this optimized setup your business wouldn’t flow the way it should. Not all foundations are built alike, and neither are racking products and setups, it takes a truly experienced company to optimize the now and predict possible future needs at the same time.  Plan your space right the first time by calling RackingDIRECT to have a specialist analyze your requirements and give you a solution that will work for your unique needs.

Protect Your Bottom Line

Your business is just that, a business, so make sure you take the high route when it comes to designing and setting up your retail/production/distribution racking setups. What you do now will certainly help you create a sustainable production environment for your business, rather than a problematic, unsafe, and costly one. Give one of our specialists a call today and request a free consultation about your needs.



RackingDIRECT’s premier racking and storage systems and expert services have helped distribution, retail, and manufacturing facilities throughout North America optimize space, improve efficiency, and reduce cost and waste in the supply chain.

Learn how RackingDIRECT can help you. E-mail at: info@racking-direct.ca or call 1-888-489-7722.

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