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Racking Safety Products


Racking Safety Products currently available from RackingDIRECT Ltd. Canada’s leader in industrial storage systems.

Column Protection protects your materials and your employees.
  • Creates a protective barrier for columns, racks and corners in warehouses and material handling facilities.
  • Minimizes the force of tow motor impact that can damage columns, surrounding supports, vehicles, and operators.
Column Protectors - RackingDIRECT
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Guardrails are the perfect safeguard for end of aisle racking, loading docks, pedestrian walkways, and offices.
  • Help control traffic in your warehouse.
  • Increase safety, efficiency, and productivity.
Guardrails from RackingDIRECT
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End of Aisle protection. A highly effective solution for increasing warehouse and distribution center safety and protecting your warehouse.
  • Prevent damage to rack and inventory.
  • Guard your investment without affecting aisle flow patterns; protect you from costly facility repairs and downtime.
End of Aisle Protection - RackingDIRECT
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Netting helps ensure safety that materials do not fall out of racks or bays and cause injury to people or materials.

  • Offers protection for light to heavy products.
  • Available in standard sizes, but can be customized to specific needs.
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Post protectors provide the right amount of protection around individual racking posts.

  • Limits damaged rack posts from compromising the structural integrity of an entire racking unit.
  • Ensures product safety and your warehouse productivity.
Post Protection Protectors - RackingDIRECT
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